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Lisa Motley knew when she was eight years old she wanted to be an artist. She drew, painted, and studied her entire childhood.  As an adult, she studied Fine Art and graduated with a degree in Business with an Accounting Concentration. These two diverse disciplines allowed her to begin her own business as an artist. It was through these studies that she realized she had a meticulous eye for detail and was able to draw and paint anything she could see.

Lisa Motley’s artwork is some of the most unique that could ever be found. There is no one who takes the challenges of commissioned paintings with the confidence and ability that she does. Lisa does commissioned paintings using watercolors exclusively.

Why watercolor? Because of the color and brightness that only watercolor can provide. The white of the special paper provides the light and illuminates through the transparent characteristic of the paint itself. Therefore, every piece is truly unique. Your piece will be completely hand drawn and painted to photograph or combination of photos.

“Draw me Mrs. Motley!”, her students said.  Lisa Motley had been drawing portraits since an early age and her students knew she could draw them on the spot.  She drew one student and then another and another. More and more students, then their families and friends wanted a personal portraits of themselves, their pets, and favorite places.  These pencil portraits have become a favorite artwork for gifts and for keepsakes to save precious memories of those they love. She enjoys encouraging and inspiring young artists since that is how she got her start as a young artist.  The portraits reveal her tremendous talents in creating character and great detail in portraiture.

Lisa’s work also includes watercolor portraits.  Most recently, The Our Lady of the Gulf Catholic Church, in Port Lavaca, Texas commissioned a watercolor portrait of Mother Teresa to hang in their new chapel.  She also has a watercolor portrait hanging in the library at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. Her work was selected for exhibit in The Art Museum of Corpus Christi for the Go Red American Heart Association Show and numerous other art galleries and festivals.

Lisa applied her talent for watercolor to silk dyes and has exhibited her “Not So Gray Lily” painting at the United States Botanic Gardens Museum in Washington, D.C. for a special exhibit honoring the 100th Anniversary of The National Parks Show.  The painting is named after the famous Botanist ,Asa Gray, and is not gray in color at all. It is immensely colorful, showcasing its reds, oranges, purples and many other colors.

Think of your favorite photographs, digital or in print.  Do you have a favorite photograph that you treasure?  You can even take a photograph with your cell phone and email it to  If you need to combine more than one photograph, that can also be done. Close up photographs are best to work from. Email Lisa with any questions or for more information.  She is happy to get you started on a portrait you will cherish forever.

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